1. Keem Strand, Achill Island Heinrich Böll Memorial Weekend
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Keem Strand, Achill Island

Heinrich Böll Memorial Weekend

The 11th annual Heinrich Böll Memorial Weekend, takes place on Achill Island 2 to 4 May 2014. This years event continues a series of lectures and talks as well as guided walks in the landscape of Achill Island.


German Language Award 2014

Does your school encourage the teaching and learning of German?  Why not take part in the German Language Award 2014? The winning school will receive an attractive prize which will be announced at this year´s German teachers´ conference.

Germany - map

Passport - Visa - Legal Services

Here you can find everything you need to know about passport and visa applications as well as other consular services at the German Embassy. Click here for detailed information:

Airplane over Berlin

ILA Berlin Air Show, 20-25.05.2014

Located in one of Europe’s most popular trade fair cities, biennial ILA Berlin Air Show offers unrivalled coverage of all aspects of the international aerospace industry. With 1,243 exhibitors from 46 countries, about 235,000 visitors and business agreements totalling a net worth of at least 16.5 billion dollars, ILA is one of the world’s largest aerospace trade shows. Both trade and non-trade aviation aficionados are more than welcome!

The Bobs

Internet users submitted more than 3,000 websites and online projects from around the world to The Bobs, Deutsche Welle's annual competition for the best in online activism. An international jury selected the finalists for the People's Choice Awards in the contest's 14 languages. All the nominees are presented with short descriptions . The public has from now until May 7 to cast votes for their favorites.

Pünktchen und Anton

Film: SALIS Film Series 2014 - Children’s films and German fairy tales

Dublin City University - Discover some all-time film classics in their original or new version: children's films and fairy tales from Germany which enchant young and old equally.

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Range of consular services (A-Z)

Please find a list of leaflets with important information, e.g. police clearance or Apostille stamp here.

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