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Find out (almost) everything about Germany as a country, its culture and lots more.

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The web portal of and „DE magazine Deutschland“ offers six sections (politics, economics, culture, environment, knowledge and life) and also access to topics that are important to people in Germany. The diverse relationships with partner countries around the world are also given prominent treatment. The range of articles is extended by background articles, dossiers, videos and commented link tips.


Deutsche Welle

DW is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information in 30 languages. Culture, education and Europe; those are some of the focal points. DW classifies facts, explains contexts and analyzes background information. DW represents Germany in the international media landscape and provides access to the German language, the daily life and the mentality of the people.

Logo Land der Ideen

Germany – Land of Ideas

Germany is the land of ideas. The “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative works with different partners to carry out projects and hold competitions to focus attention on the country, its people and their ideas.

Germany’s most prominent Web address sees itself as the central platform for a modern image of Germany. aims to speak to an international group of users. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the DE-Blog and other social media channels open up for participation and interaction.

YOUNG GERMANY - Your career, education and lifestyle guide

Humboldt Universität Berlin

Keep up with the lates trends in Deutschland and be a part of the platform that provides career services, information and insider tips for your life in Germany.

Federal Statistical Office

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 The federal statistics are available to everybody: politicians, authorities, businesses and citizens and are objective, independent and of high quality.

Quick facts about Germany

Altstadt von Goslar

State System Democratic parliamentary federal democracy since 1949 Administration 16 federal states Capital City Berlin, about 3.4 million inhabitants National Flag Three horizontal stripes in black, ...