The Ambassador and the individual sections


The consular section

The Legal and Consular Section supports and advises German citizens within the bounds of its possibilities. This comprises such duties as are taken care of in Germany by passport offices and public authorities in charge of nationality matters, notary publics, the courts of law, registry offices and social services. Any Germans who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in an emergency situation in the host country are given assistance by the Embassy so that they are able to help themselves. Foreign nationals who are usually resident in Ireland can apply here for a visa to Germany and the Schengen member states.

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The cultural section

The Cultural Section coordinates the foreign cultural policy measures of the German Federal Government and its intermediary organisations in Ireland with the aim of promoting bilateral relations in the fields of education and culture. These relations cover numerous aspects including exhibitions, German film weeks and guest appearances by German musicians and theatres as well as pupil and student exchanges and German language teaching.

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The political section

The Political Section maintains contact with the government, parliament, the different parties and numerous non-governmental organisations. It observes Irish foreign and domestic policy and keeps the official Irish departments informed about developments in Germany.


The press section

The Press and Public Relations Office maintains contact with the media and informs them about Germany. It deals with written and telephone enquiries made by journalists as well as those made by pupils, teachers and businesses.

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The economics section

The Economic Section is one of the three pillars supporting Germany's promotion of foreign trade; the other two being the Federal Bureau for Foreign Trade Information (BfAI) and the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce Abroad (AHK). The main emphasis of the daily work schedule is placed on German-Irish economic relations.

The Ambassador and the individual sections

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