Legal and Consular, Passport and Visa Service

Here you can find everything you need to know about passport and visa applications as well as other consular services at the German Embassy.

Deutscher Reisepass

German citizenship

Here you find an overview of how German citizenship can be obtained.


Opening a bank account in Germany

The Embassy is not able to carry out identity checks in connection with bank account openings or taking out a loan. Please contact your bank for further information. Exempt from this new ruling are blocked accounts for foreign students who must apply for a student visa before entering Germany and who need to open an account in Germany in order to prove sufficient financial means for their stay in Germany. In these cases only, the German missions abroad are allowed to notarize signatures or to perform identity verification.

Security advice


The Federal Foreign Office's website provides information on a daily basis on the security situation in Ireland.


For security reasons it is strictly forbidden to bring the following items into the Embassy

How to find the Embassy

German Embassy Dublin 31 Trimleston Avenue Booterstown