Visa information

DO I NEED A VISA for a short stay in Germany?

Transit requirements may differ from the above list.

Do I need an AIRPORT TRANSIT VISA? [pdf, 110.67k]

If you would like to apply for a visa, it is compulsory that you make an APPOINTMENT first.

Making an appointment

Gebühr für Visaantrag Enlarge image (© Deutsche Botschaft Dublin /rs) Please be advised that the visa fee (30,-  to 75,-€.) need to be paid in CASH ONLY.

Applicants being too late will not be able to drop in their application and must make a new appointment.


                               SHORT STAY

Tourism, Visits, Business (even short stays within a study programme) and Transit

Short Stay - information [pdf, 394.18k]

READ FIRST: how to fill in your Visa application online. [pdf, 27.27k]

Please note: From 20th November 2015, electronic fingerprints are taken when applying for a short-stay visa. This is due to the introduction of the Schengen-wide Visa Information System (VIS) in Ireland.
More information about VIS

Visa application form (VIDEX)

Declaration of consent form [pdf, 62.21k]

Photograph requirements [pdf, 64.94k]

                              LONG STAY

Moving over for Work, Family Reunification and Moving over for Long Term Study Purposes

Family reunion (long term stay) [pdf, 99.67k]

visa for studying in Germany [pdf, 90.13k]

Employment/EU Blue Card [pdf, 88.78k]

Job seeker Visa [pdf, 95.05k]

Application form long stay visa [pdf, 621.91k]

Declaration of consent form [pdf, 62.21k]

Photograph requirements [pdf, 64.94k]

Visa information

Visa approved

For security reasons it is strictly forbidden to bring the following items into the Embassy

Visa information for Travel Documents

VIS - Visa Information System

Please have a look at this leaflet to know if you need a visa!

Contact the Visa Section

No calls

We will provide NO Information on the status of an application via telephone. For any visa information that is not available on this website please contact the Visa Section via e-mail.

Important regulations

Visumetikett Deutschland

Please note that your passport or travel document has to meet the following criteria, when applying for a visa:

a) your passport needs to be valid for at least three months after the date of expiry of the required visa

b) your passport needs to have at least two blank visa pages

c) only passports that have been issued (not extended!) during the past ten years can be endorsed with a visa. If your passport was issued longer than 10 years ago, please apply for a new passport at your Embassy.