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Please take a look at the information we provide on studying and research in Germany as well as school and youth exchange.

For language courses in Ireland and Germany, please consult the

Goethe-Institut Irland.

Female student learning (c)

Study and Work with SAP

This dual-study program will kick-start students‘ careers with the opportunity to study an accreddited Level 8 Business Information Systems Degree Program in Germany while also gaining valuable work experience with SAP‘s Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

"Career Compass Germany" - App for vocational training, studying and working in Germany

Good career opportunities, an international working and learning atmosphere, low unemployment – for people from abroad the German labour market is highly attractive and opens up first-class perspectives. There are highly diverse possibilities for vocational training, studying or working. Those interested can find out about the options and offers available, how to apply, what is important when starting out in Germany and what role the German language plays in the “Career Compass Germany – the app for vocational training, studying and working in Germany”.

Education and Science

Deutsch - Sprache der Ideen

Irish-German school twinnings

Irish Town

On this site, we are publishing schools that would like to establish a twinning with Irish or German schools. Have a look!

Scholarships in Germany

Scholarships in Germany

Are you considering studying in Germany, but don't know how to cover the costs? This month on Young Germany we have four articles detailing scholarships that can help your wallet support your studies.

EU-Network for german language

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

As part of the European Network for german language programme (Europanetzwerk Deutsch) the Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut are inviting a select group of people to an exclusive language course in Germany.