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Discover Germany and Europe through fun and interactive games! Here, you can find out how much you know about life in Germany, the German political system, and much more ...

Facts about Germany

“Facts about Germany” – in 19 languages

“Facts about Germany” has everything you need to know about Germany today. How the political system works. The guidelines that define foreign policy. The special characteristics of the economy. What is new in art and culture. The new website features articles, background information, images, charts, films and lots of other modules. Focussing on these and many other topics, besides – in no less than 19 languages. On top of which, all the “Facts” (incl. the new book for young adults in 9 languages) can be downloaded as an e-paper.

Germany’s most prominent Web address sees itself as the central platform for a modern image of Germany. aims to speak to an international group of users. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the DE-Blog and other social media channels open up for participation and interaction.

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Facts about Germany

The website Facts about Germany invites you to get to know Germany. It offers profound basic knowledge and guidance – especially designed for readers abroad whose interest in the course of time in Germany extends beyond the casual flood of the daily news. Throughout 11 chapters, nine distinguished authors engage in the most important political, societal and economic trends in Germany.

Children's ministry

Visit the minister in her office or see for yourself what her job is like:

Federal Agency for Civic Education websites for children and young people

Not just for budding politicians ...

Germany for young people

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HipharpigLand - Politics for you

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The hippos, hares and pigs in the land of HipharpigLand are trying to run a democracy. Through games, comics and videos you can join the fun!  Created by the Federal Centre for Political Education in Bonn for ages 6+. In English and German.

EU Games and Quizzes

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Find out about children´s rights in Europe and discover the European Union through interactive games, puzzles and quizzes!

The Voyage

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Find out all about Germany in an interactive way - from travel tips and language to youth culture - and make new contacts with young people from Germany in the voyage community. For ages 12 - 18. In German and English.