Grammar School, located in a beautiful, rural town in the south of Bavaria is looking for Irish Partner School

Our grammar school, Gymnasium Marktoberdorf, is located in Marktoberdorf, a rural town in the south of Bavaria, not far from the Austrian border. 

Our county, Ostallgäu, is a highly attractive and popular tourist area, not only boasting famous castle Neuschwanstein, but also beautiful lakes and dramatic peaks of the Alps. Marktoberdorf’s most popular industrial products are tractors by European market leader Fendt. There is a daily RyanAir connection from Dublin to Allgäu Airport in Memmingen, a town which is located a one-hour- ride from our place. Munich Airport is at an almost similar distance.

At our grammar school  800 students are being taught by about 100 teachers. We also run a boarding house which is home to about 70 students, aged 10-19.Gymnasium Marktoberdorf  is well-known for its musical profile, which, alongside with a technological profile, offers a great variety of opportunities, including performing in one of our many choirs, bands, or orchestras. 

English is our first second language, followed by Latin or French.
We are looking for a long-term partnership with an Irish secondary school, preferably one that teaches German as a second language. We look forward to hosting Irish students (aged 14-16) for about one week each year and we would like pay your school a visit as well, of course.


Arne Böhler, Deputy Principal 

Gymnasium Marktoberdorf

Mühlsteig 23

87616 Marktoberdorf

Tel.: +49 08342/9664-2881

Fax: +49 08342/9664-60



Gymnasium Marktoberdorf