Catholic girls school in Bavaria is looking for an Irish twin school

Gisela-Schulen are actually two schools (a grammar school (“Gymnasium”) and a secondary modern school (“Realschule”)) in the beautiful old town of Passau in Bavaria and we already have twin schools in France, Hungary, Italy and Australia. We would like to establish an exchange with an Irish school.

Gisela-Schulen have a long tradition of education. Started by nuns in the 19th century, our school is now run by the Diocese of Passau. We are situated in the heart of the outstanding old town of Passau. Our two schools, the Gisela-Gymnasium, a grammar school, and the Gisela-Realschule (a secondary modern school) have already established contacts to many different countries, among them Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, the USA and even Australia.  

We also cooperate with the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) in the programme DeutschlandPlus and hosted a group of Irish girls within this programme.

We would like to get in contact with an Irish school, preferably a girls school, but not necessarily and establish a mutual exchange.

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Contact: Mr Michael Preiß michael.preiss(at)

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Gisela Schulen