Otto-Hahn-School in Frankfurt is looking for Irish Partners

About the School: 

"Our school, Otto-Hahn-Schule, is a co-educative integrated comprehensive school situated in the North of Frankfurt/ Main, Germany. We are currently looking for a partnering Irish school for a mutual exchange programme.

As a comprehensive school our approximately 1200 students are divided in 3 different streams, offering lower secondary levels to year 5 (equalling Junior Cycle), a secondary level up to year 6 (equalling Transition Year) and a higher secondary degree course equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate. All streams offer English as a first foreign language starting in year 1.

Situated to the north of Frankfurt, Nieder-Eschbach and our school not only offer a protected and secure environment for any visiting pupils but also the buzzing cultural life of a large city within easy reach.

Otto-Hahn-Schule has already established twin-schools with Toulouse (France), Cracow (Poland), Hódmezövásáhely (Hungary) and would be looking for a similar arrangement with an Irish school. We would like to arrange a mutual exchange of about one to two weeks duration but would also consider other options like pen friend programmes or the like."

If you are interested, please contact:

Ms Birgitt Becker: ohs-frankfurt%27%de,austauschprogramm



Urseler Weg 27

60437 Frankfurt am Main

The school is situated north of Frankfurt/ Main