Study and Work with SAP

This is a unique opportunity for qualified Leaving Certificate Students (min 400 points) to simultaneously combine academic studies and industry experience with the leading business software company SAP in Germany.

This dual-study program will kick-start students‘ careers with the opportunity to study an accreddited Level 8 Business Information Systems Degree Program in Germany with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) while also gaining valuable work experience with SAP‘s Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

Students will enrol in a 3 Year Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) in Business Information Systems with periods of practical training at SAP. Graduates of the program typically find careers in the areas of Software Development, Service & Support, Product Management, and Consulting following the program. 

What you can expect

•    3-year SAP “Duale Hochshule” Contract in Germany (Commencing Aug 1st)
•    3 months work experience at SAP / 3 months study at DhBW
•    Monthly study stipend of €950 Year 1 rising to €1275 per month year 3
•    Access to high-quality SAP Laptop & Services for 3 years
•    Access to Internships abroad at any SAP location globally
•    Recognized certification in SAP Technologies
•    1:1 mentoring/management on-the-job
•    Access to SAP Equity Programs / SAP Student Ambassador
•    Fast-Tracking for SAP Global hiring upon Graduation
•    Degree Modules include (but not limited to) Business Management, Accounting, Corporate Management, Business Information Technology (Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Programming and Database Design).

What SAP expects from you

•    Develop a proficiency in German, adapt to life in Germany
•    Full 3-Year Commitment to SAP and DHBW
•    Participate in all aspects of program
•    Excel Academically & Professionally, reach your full potential
•    Make the most of this unique opportunity
•    Be an SAP Brand Ambassador on Campus
•    Choose SAP SE as “An Employer of Choice” on graduation

Education and Qualification / Skills and Competences

•    Leaving Certificate qualification (min. 400 points in Mock exam)    
•    Minimum B2 result in Honours Leaving Certificate German (Mock exam)
•    Honours Leaving Certificate Mathmatics
•    Good IT skills with an interest in programming an advantage
•    Desire to live aboad and learn the German language & lifestyle
•    Interest in business administration processes
•    Ability to show initiative and willingness to learn
•    Extracurricular activities desirable

Cooperative Learning Placement at SAP

Uni-Bibliothek der HAW Hamburg; Student

Unique opportunity for Irish leaving Cert students: more information

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Please note that SAP only accepts applications submitted via our online recruiting system. Individuals with disabilities who require a reasonable accommodation in the job application process should contact HR Direct (