Irish-German school twinnings

On this site, we are publishing German schools that would like to establish a twinning with Irish schools.

If you are a German school searching for an Irish-school - please send an e-mail to info(at) with all your details and a picture of your school and we'll spread the word via our newsletter and facebook.

Gymnasium Marktoberdorf

Grammar School, located in a beautiful, rural town in the south of Bavaria is looking for Irish Partner School

At our grammar school  800 students are being taught by about 100 teachers. We also run a boarding house which is home to about 70 students, aged 10-19.Gymnasium Marktoberdorf  is well-known for its musical profile, which, alongside with a technological profile, offers a great variety of opportunities, including performing in one of our many choirs, bands, or orchestras. We are looking for a long-term partnership with an Irish secondary school, preferably one that teaches German as a second language. We look forward to hosting Irish students (aged 14-16) for about one week each year and we would like pay your school a visit as well, of course.


Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Goettingen is looking for a long-term partnership

The Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Goettingen is looking for a long-term partnership with an Irish secondary school. The large school is co-ed, with a long tradition of exchanges. The school’s focuses on music, maths/science, arts, social awareness and business, second languages are English, French, Spanish, Latin. Situated in Goettingen, within a pleasant scenery in central Germany, the school is very well connected to all parts of the country.

Gisela Schulen

Catholic girls school in Bavaria is looking for an Irish twin school

Gisela-Schulen are two schools (a grammar school (“Gymnasium”) and a secondary modern school (“Realschule”)) in the beautiful old town of Passau in Bavaria and twould like to establish an exchange with an Irish (girls) school.

Gymnasium in Traunreut

Gymnasium Traunreut is looking for an Irish Partnerschool

Located between Munich and the Bavarian Alps, the school teaches English as a first language and is looking for an Irish exchange partner to broaden the students' cultural and international horizons and get hands on experience in a foreign country. The school is aiming towards a long-term partnership for grades 8-10 with a school that will host our students for a period of about 6 - 7 days and visit us the following year.

Regino-Gymnasium Prüm is looking for an Irish Partner School

The secondary school from Rheinland-Palatinate is surrounded by rural areas but is also close enough to the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Trier and Aachen. There are ca. 1000 students (from 5th class to 13th class (leaving cert)) who enjoy a variety of extra-curricular activities as well as multiple options for learning foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, Latin and Greek.  Contact:


Otto-Hahn-School in Frankfurt is looking for Irish Partners

The comprehensive school would like to arrange a mutual exchange of about one to two weeks duration during a school year but would also consider other options like pen friend programmes or the like.


Ratsgymnasium Gladbeck in North Rhine-Westphalia

The school has long-standing relations with a partner school in France and has also established a school-twinning with an Italian partner school. Please contact principal Hans-Christoph Pocha, info[at]

Catholic School from Berlin is looking for an Irish Partner School

Catholic School from Berlin is looking for an Irish Partner School

The school already maintains relationships with partner schools from France (since 2010) & Spain (since 2011). Please contact principal Mrs. Kirchberg via e-mail:

Irish-German school twinnings

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