St Kilian's Deutsche Schule

St Killians Enlarge image (© St Killians) St Kilian's German School in Dublin is the only German school in Ireland. It is a member of the network of German Schools abroad and supported by the German government.

St Kilian's was founded in 1952 as an evening and Sunday school to teach German girls and boys, who were guest in Irish families and who have already lost their mother tongue, German. In 1954 a day school named St Kilian's Preparatory School was established based on the already existing evening and Sunday school. At the beginning the school only taught Primary School students, but in 1959 a Kindergarten and in 1974 a Secondary School was founded.

Now students can take their Junior and Leaving Certificate at St Kilian's. The school is recognised by the Irish Department of Education. In addition to the Irish Leaving Certificate students can take a bi-lingual Leaving Certificate in German language, literature and history. This Leaving Certificate qualifies students of St Kilian's to start studying in Germany as it is recognised by German authorities. St. Kilian's also offers the German Language Diploma (DSD). The DSD-Level II is considered to prove that the students have the level of ability in German that is required for university entry in Germany.

St Kilian's is situated on the Eurocampus in Clonskeagh, South Dublin and shares its facilities and an educational project with the Lycée Francais d'Irlande (LFI) for the Junior Cycle.

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Elysée Treaty Debatte

On Wednesday, 25th March 2015, St. Kilian’s German School Dublin and the Lycée Français d’Irlande (LFI) held a combined event, the annual Elysée Treaty Debate, involving senior cycle students from both schools.