Book a visit of the Deutschmobil

To book a visit, please send an e-mail to dublin%27%goethe%27%org,Deutschmobil

The Deutschmobil visits primary and secondary schools as well as third level institutions interested in German.

The language assistant brings in material for a taster lesson, and also shares information with teachers about new teaching material.
You can also book the Deutschmobil for open days and parent-teacher meetings aimed at informing parents and students on German language learning.

Have a look at the Deutschmobil's Facebook page and see wonderful pictures of previous visits.

Possible topics for the visit

  • Learning the first German words in a playful way (for example colours, numbers, feelings, greetings, animals, parts of the body)
  • What does Germany look like?
  • A trip around Germany
  • Going for a walk through Berlin
  • Music in Germany
  • Sports in Germany
  • "Feste" in Germany
  • What job opportunities does speaking German offer?


  • 1. Does the visit cost something?
    No, the visit is financed by the German embassy and the Goethe-Institut Ireland.

  • 2. Do students need a certain level of German?
    No, we also provide taster lessons to beginners.

  • 3. How long does a visit last?
    Teachers can decide if they would like one or up to three lessons, depending on the event and the group of learners.

  • 4. What’s the format of the visit and how many students can take part in the activities?
    You decide! We visit groups of learners of German, pupils who have not had any contact with the language, as well as German teachers. We would ask you not to have more than 30 students per group.

  • 5. How should I prepare for the visit?
    The language assistant would need a large room, a school hall or gym, as there will be lots of activities. A teacher must be present during the visit to assist the language assistant when needed.

  • 6. How is content covered?
    All events contain various language animation activities, games, age-appropriate cultural information and competitions.

  • 7. At what time does the visit take place?
    This will be arranged with each school individually.

Book a visit

To book a visit, please send an e-mail to dublin%27%goethe%27%org,Deutschmobil